Заявление о зачете излишне уплаченного налога Пример оформления ттн

Голое собеседование онлайн Objective of the grant program

Component 1 - Development of the Knowledge Base for Innovation also considers the implementation of the Заявление в загс в пензе PhD Research and Training Grants. 

The aim of the program is to strengthen the scientific potential of Kazakhstan through the provision of grants for scientific trainings and researches for the PhD, postdoctoral degree candidates, graduate students and researchers in leading foreign universities and technical research centers with the possibility of introduction of scientific developments into production.

For more information about the Grants Program for PhD Research and Training, the requirements of the competition and the announcement of the beginning of the submission of applications will be posted on the website after the approval of the main guidelines of the program documents. Check the official website regularly.

In addition to the "Innovative consortia" grant program, please look for other grant programs available in this Project.