Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - MOES) is the Implementing Agency for the Project. The MOES is responsible for supervising overall project implementation and providing strategic oversight of the implementation of key Project activities.

Диктант медвежонок A Project Steering Committee (PSC) is established for organized implementation of the Project. PMU works under the overall guidance of the PSC composed of members of the main entities facilitating implementation of the project.

The functions and composition of the PSC are approved by relevant order of the MOES Minister. The scope of work of the PSC, among others, includes:  (1) approval of the Project Operations Manual,  annual plans for project activities, project budget, and Procurement Plan of the Project; (2) analysis and evaluation of the Project implementation based on monitoring indicators, as well as regular review of project M&E data to determine progress and make adjustments for MOES's consideration to ensure satisfactory achievement of the end of the project outcomes; (3) review of the Project progress, monitoring of the reforms in the field of innovations and strategic decisions on the Project implementation on the basis of the information provided by Working body; (4) review of the issues on improving the Project implementation, including coordination between stakeholders and consensus building on issues related to the implementation of the Project; (5) providing the strategic management for MOES.  The PSC must be composed of, inter alia, representatives of the Department of Finance of the MOES, Legal Department of the MOES, Director of the PMU chaired by the Vice-Minister of the MOES in charge of the Project implementation.

3 Дворец бракосочетания за сколько подавать заявление The Working Body of the Project is the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SC MOES), which acts as the working body on implementation and execution of the decisions of the PSC, as well as be held responsible for the operational and financial management of the Project to ensure the diffusion of the relevant experience and results gained during the Project implementation across NIS RK. If necessary, SC MOES may use the infrastructure of and potential of the Science Fund (SF) as a beneficiary of certain Project sub-components, for example, sub-component on Technology Commercialization Offices or Innovation Observatory.

Образец трудового договора с менеджер The International Science and Commercialization Board (ISCB) provides guidance related to all scientific matters associated with the Project, including the selection of proposals under the SSGs and JRGs, PhD research and training grant program within the framework of Component 1, and consultation in selection of applicants for productive sector consortia grants and inclusive innovation consortia grants under Component 2 including the monitoring of  scientific progress and achievements of the sub-projects of grant programs. Rights, roles and responsibilities of ISCB are defined in База данных штрих код the Statute on ISCB developed on acceptable conditions for the World Bank and is an integral part of this Manual.

Протокол опознания бланк Selection of ISCB members. ISCB consists of 9 experts, including:

three (3) international scientists, two (2) international experts in venture capital / technology commercialization, one (1) international expert on establishment of technological consortia, one (1) international expert on inclusive (social) innovation and the two (2) national scientists/technology commercialization/innovation consortia experts with international work experience, commercialization and also experience of projects’ administration and development of grant programs for the commercialization of the results of scientific and technical activities. Detailed Terms of Reference for applicants are developed by MOES on acceptable conditions for the World Bank before the start of the selection.

ISCB members are selected by MOES jointly with the World Bank that attracts highly qualified scientists from around the world and ensure the transparency and efficiency of selection.

MOES generates a pool of experts – potential members of the ISCB. The World Bank assists MOES in searching for candidates to ISCB membership. It is expected that candidates for the ISCB membership are scientists that represent well-known international scientific organizations or are prominent venture capital and/or technology commercialization professionals. The lists include scientists from a range of technologically advanced countries, including Europe, North America and Asia.

Based on analysis of profiles of candidates that submitted expression of interest, SC MOES forms the shortlist of foreign scientists consisting of nine (9) candidates, six (6) foreign experts on venture capital/technology commercialization, three (3) international experts on forming technology consortia, three (3) international experts on inclusive (social) innovations and six (6) national experts from among the most prominent candidates.

After reviewing the candidates' profiles from the shortlist, the PSC MOES selects three (3) foreign scientists, two (2) foreign venture capital/technology commercialization experts, one (1) international expert for technology consortia establishment, one (1) international inclusive (social) innovation expert, two (2) national experts and submits the shortlist, the list of selected candidates and all relevant materials to the World Bank, herewith the scope of the ISCB members' scientific expertise shall not overlap.

Selection of candidates for vacant positions of ISCB, including in case of termination of the contract with ISCB member, is carried out by the SC MOES from among the aforementioned pool of candidates, which can be supplemented and is subject to compulsory approval by the World Bank.

Втб 24 справка по форме банка Project management unit (PMU) is be responsible for day-to-day project administration. PMU responsibilities include: (i) procuring the specialists who will administer the implementation of programs to be supported by the project; (ii) overseeing procurement of all goods and services required by the Groups, and other entities to be established under the project to ensure that the procurement procedures comply with all applicable World Bank rules and regulations; (iii)organizing the competition to select Groups, Consortia, ESVC Fund, Innovation Brokerage Team, Technology Transfer Offices and other entities competitively selected under the project;(iv) liaising with the Steering Committee, MOES and the ISCB, bringing matters to their attention where appropriate, and implementing their decisions; (v) carrying out project M&E activities; (vi) ensuring that individual project activities comply with all applicable World Bank fiduciary and environmental requirements; and (vii) liaising with the World Bank for routine, day-to-day implementation of legal, procurement and financial management matters.

PMU manages FPIP in accordance with the detailed rules and procedures agreed upon with the World Bank and described in this POM, as well as the recommendations contained in the World Bank notes. PMU consultants are responsible for non-compliance with their obligations under the respective Terms of Reference, also for late disbursement of funds for project implementation in their area of responsibility. PMU consultant, in fulfillment of their duties, may be sent on field monitoring of grantees, education, participation in trainings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, etc., within and outside RK to perform the tasks associated with the Project implementation.

PMU consultants involved in the Project implementation are selected according to the WB procedures of the Consultant Guidelines. According to the structure of PMU pre-agreed with the World Bank, key consultants of FPIP PMU are selected, hired and dismissed upon agreement with the World Bank.

Project portal and website. As part of the Project a website and information and research Web-portal ("Portal") are functioning. The Project website provides information about the Project, ongoing work, grant programs, progress of supported sub-projects, fiduciary and other issues. The Portal is an integrated electronic system for submitting applications to participate in grant programs, enabling online evaluation of applicants' proposals, monitoring implementation progress and achievement of results. A personal account system is integrated to the Portal system with access to information according to respective rights and obligations of all Project participants, including PMU consultants, ISCB members, grantees, consortia members and other interested persons.

The Portal is designed to help PMU manage business processes related to grant contests and monitoring of grantees.

The Portal is developed solely for the purpose of implementing the Project for expediting and ensuring transparency of grant application submission and processing and to ensure interaction between PMU managers and applicants, external experts and portal users. The Project's Portal and Website development and support services are procured in accordance with relevant World Bank procurement procedures. Portal is a pilot mechanism aimed to test new ways of innovation process management and will attain its full operational capability only by the end of the Project, since the structure and function of the Portal will be finalized based on implementation experience. The Portal is part of the Project and POM, which in turn are legal part of the international treaty ratified (Loan Agreement) by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the "Legislation on informatization of the Republic of Kazakhstan" of the Law No 418-V of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On informatization" dated November 24, 2015, if an international agreement ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, establishes other rules than those contained in the above-mentioned legislation, rules of an international treaty shall apply.

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