The International Science and Commercialisation Board

ICSB will provide scientific advice on all scientific questions related to the project, including the selection of research groups, participation in two stepwise selection of consortia, monitoring of their scientific and commercial progress, the selection of candidates for the research and industrial internships and joint research abroad, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the results of training and research. In order to ensure sustainable development and the transfer of experience to Kazakhstan, the inclusion of local experts to ICSB is considered. Thus, ICSB will consist of at least five prominent scientists from different parts of the world, two international experts on venture capital / technology commercialization, and at least two local scientists with international experience. The aim of ICSB is to keep informed neutrality while making decisions regarding the applications for the allocation of research grants and endowed with the exclusive competence in giving grant.

In accordance with international best practices, along with ICSB’s independence the methodology of decision-making with a clear knowledge base and predefined criteria, a systematic approach and a transparent decision-making process have been introduced. Since the introduction the benefits of this international practice has widely been recognized. The organization  which is responsible for the distribution of national research grants and for the approach based on evidence has achieved a great progress. ICSB can keep one of its functions as an international consultant to strengthen Kazakhstani researchers’ relations with the global research community. ICSB was proposed to apply the best practices and represent the areas of ​​science, which are strategically important for Kazakhstan, including physical chemistry, geophysical sciences (which are important for oil and gas sectors and metallurgy), mechanics, mathematics, biomedicine and bioengineering, environment, IT / electronics and materials science. Candidates for members of ICSB will be selected from the lists of candidates presented by well-known international scientific organizations such as the Royal Society, the US National Academy of Sciences, the US National Science Foundation European Science Foundation, the InterAcademy Council, the Third World Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Committee, as well as Asian analogous scientific organisations. The lists will include scientists from several technologically advanced countries like Europe, North America and Asia. The lists will contain the names of outstanding scientists with academic and industrial research experience.

Project Management Team

For the implementation of the project the Project Management Unit has been established.

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