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Как настроить квест хелпер в wow We are pleased to announce that "Kaztechavtomatika" LLP has signed 2 contracts for sale of intelligent systems of rational energy consumption management on the basis of SMART technology.  Total amount of contracts concluded is 32.4 million tenge.

Бланки налоговых деклараций по налогу на прибыль 2018 Thanks to the support of the World Bank and the Science Committee MoES RK, within the scope of grant funds a start-up company "Kaztechavtomatika" LLP was created for implementation of the project "Intelligent system of rational energy consumtpion management based on SMART technology."

The proposed system solves the problem of energy saving, enables an address management of energy consumers remotely in mode of SMART-network mode, and also to control of each illumination device with a feedback. The developed solution allows to scale up the system considerably and adapt to management of any loads that will allow to enter new markets in the future.

It should be noted that this system is fully Kazakhstani  solution and protected by intellectual property rights.

образец приказа об изменении приказа Advantages of the proposed system Образец оформление делового письма :

Economic effect – reduction of electricity consumption reaches 60%, depending on specific operating conditions. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Currently it is the only domestic development in SMART-lighting and has only foreign analogues.

Deputy Director of the PMU of the Fostering Productive Innovation Project Zhanat Baitenov commented on the President's Message for the BNews Agency.

In his message to the people of Kazakhstan, the Head of State sets the pace and motivates citizens to develop so that our republic enters the 30 developed countries, said Zhanat Baitenov, Deputy Director of PMU of the Fostering Productive Innovation Project.

"Industrial revolution is the transition from manual labor to machine labor, from manufacture to factory, which was observed in the world leading states in the 18th and 19centuries. Looking back, I remember how, being as student  I studied the history of industrial revolutions. I remember how interesting it was to listen to lectures about the leading countries, about various breakthroughs in the economy, such as the steam engine, electric telegraph, etc.," said Zhanat Baitenov.

Commenting on the Address of the Head of State, in particular, the item "New opportunities for development under the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution," the speaker singled out the following six points: Industrialization should become a flagship of introducing new technologies; further development of resource potential; "smart technologies" are a chance for a breakthrough in development of the agro-industrial complex; introduction of modern technologies in construction and municipal sector; "reset" the financial sector; human capital is the basis of modernization.

"These six items I cut out of the context of the entire Address as very important points indicating that Kazakhstan is an integral part of the global ecosystem as a whole. In today's realities it is important to keep pace with time. On the World Bank's Project I supervise the issues related to technology commercialization and strengthening of coordination of the National Innovation System. The amount of work is incredibly large, the project itself is very complex. But it gives a certain tone. The Head of State sets the pace and motivates us to develop, so that Kazakhstan can enter the 30 developed countries. The Plan of the Nation "100 concrete steps," "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy , the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan launched last year, Industrialization Program is being implemented, and a comprehensive program "Digital Kazakhstan" has been adopted. We already have everything we need, now we have to work hard to develop our state, "said Zhanat Baitenov.

Source: bnews.kz


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