Head of LLP "Marmar Kazakhstan", supported by the World Bank, Olzhas Zakiruly in an interview to Khabar Agency.

LLP "PHYTOPERFUME" has launched the soap production line with 50 kg/h capacity.

The project is designed to produce original scented antibacterial detergent based on essential oils using Kazakhstani herbs and fruits.

Few are familiar with batata, sweet potato originated from Peru and Colombia. Prospects for introduction of batata in Kazakhstan and why British chef Jamie Oliver so recommends? Read in our grantee LLP "Organic Food" article.

FAO estimates that world population by 2050 will amount to 9.1 billion. (5 billion - Asia and 1.9 billion - Africa) that will require an increase in energy more than 3 times and increase amount of food 1.7 times by 2050. And no less important is the land desertification. Almost 1/3 of our planet is deserts and mainly land in North-East Asia. One of 7 crops to solve food security, and sustainable and efficient use of land for cultivation of crops is sweet potatoes - batata.

LLP "OrganicFood" in the framework of the  Fostering Productive Innovation Project with support of the World Bank is planning to introduce sweet potato in agricultural practices and the food chain for a wide range of consumers. The project will result in introduction of technology for cultivating various types of batata in Kazakhstan and pilot lot of batata culture.

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Our grantees were trained on the new equipment: fermenter for cultivation of microbial biomass for obtaining a biological product. Also the training under the guidance of Russian specialists the grantees mastered the work on freeze drying for obtaining dry biological product.

Participants of the training: General Director of LLP "BIO-KATU" Nauanova Ainash, senior scientist Anuarbekova Sandugash, junior scientist Aidarkulova Raya and Yerpasheva Dana, researcher Yermekov Altynbek, director of LLP "BioMix" Zakarya Kunsulu, engineer-technologist Temirkhanov Aslan, as well as undergraduates and students of the S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University.

We are pleased to announce that "Kaztechavtomatika" LLP has signed 2 contracts for sale of intelligent systems of rational energy consumption management on the basis of SMART technology.  Total amount of contracts concluded is 32.4 million tenge.

Thanks to the support of the World Bank and the Science Committee MoES RK, within the scope of grant funds a start-up company "Kaztechavtomatika" LLP was created for implementation of the project "Intelligent system of rational energy consumtpion management based on SMART technology."

The proposed system solves the problem of energy saving, enables an address management of energy consumers remotely in mode of SMART-network mode, and also to control of each illumination device with a feedback. The developed solution allows to scale up the system considerably and adapt to management of any loads that will allow to enter new markets in the future.

It should be noted that this system is fully Kazakhstani  solution and protected by intellectual property rights.

Advantages of the proposed system:

Economic effect – reduction of electricity consumption reaches 60%, depending on specific operating conditions. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Currently it is the only domestic development in SMART-lighting and has only foreign analogues.


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