As part of the Project implementation, from 11 to 13 November in Astana and from 14 to 17 November in Almaty together with ISCB members the on-site monitoring of subprojects selected under the SSJRG and PSC grant programs was conducted.

During the monitoring in Astana PMU jointly with brokers and ISCB members heard 20 sub-projects.

November 14-17th in Almaty the monitoring of 22 sub-projects was held.

In addition, field monitoring was carried out during these days where ISCB members together with PMU staff and technology brokers visited the production facilities of three sub-projects.

During the monitoring sub-project groups demonstrated the results achieved under the implementation plan.

ISCB members carefully reviewed the results of subprojects and on 17th of November held a final meeting on the monitoring held. ISCB gave specific recommendations to sub-project teams.

September 18-19th 2018, PMU specialists conducted seminars on the PhD Research and Training Grant Program and gave a detailed explanation of activities carried out within the Project and general concept of the planned grant program for Inclusive Innovation Consortia for potential applicants from Almaty. The seminars were held at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

In addition, a meeting was held with the Vice-President of JSC "National center of State technical expertise" Maulitov A. to accelerate the procedures for obtaining certificates for PhD Research and Training Grant Program applicants and to discuss matters for cooperation within Component 4 "Innovation Observatory".

September 20, in Turkestan, on the basis of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Kozha Akhmet Yassawi, a dissemination seminar on PhD Grant Program and Inclusive Innovation Consortia Grant Program.

On September 21, 2018, at the M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University a dissemination seminar on the ongoing and planned grant programs of PMU was also held for potential applicants from Shymkent.

Also, on September 21, 2018 in Shymkent, to announce the Inclusive Innovation Consortia Grant Program a meeting was organized with representatives of the branch of NCE "Atameken".

At the round-table meeting in the Senate of the Parliament RK members of both chambers reviewed the effectiveness of the current legislation about science on commercialization of results of scientific and scientific-technical activities of Kazakh scientists.

Vice-Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov in his speech reported on the work done in this area. According to Askhat Aymagambetov: "In the framework of commercialization grant projects in 2016 over 712 million tenge of private investments were attracted, the share of co-financing was 8%, and this year the amount of equity investment from the private sector increased 3 times and amounted to more than 2.5 billion tenge, and the share of co-financing from the private sector for implementation and commercialization of results of scientific and technological activities amounted to 13%".

Vice-Minister noted that the MoES RK sees the need for further development and commercialization of scientific developments of scientists of Kazakhstan. Also, according to Vice-minister, it is necessary to solve a number of issues affecting the pace of implementation of innovations to industry and development of scientific sector as a whole. In particular, the tax system should be revised for those enterprises that introduce the R&Ds of Kazakh science into industry.

Similar strategy proved high efficiency in developed countries, and the potential of innovations in Kazakhstanis definitelu high.

MPs and experts actively participated in discussions on the prospects of development of science by asking Mr. Aimagambetov a number of strategic and practical questions.

29 September 2018 in the International Technopark of IT-startups "ASTANA HUB"

with the support of the Science Committee MoES RK, in the framework of the World Bank's
Fostering Productive Innovation Project the first Technology Brokerage Event "Astana Technology Commercialization Point 2018" was held, where within a two-minute pitching start-up companies  attracted potential investors and partners.

One of the special guests of the event was the Permanent Representative of the World Bank Mr. Ato Brown. Mr. Ato Brown for more than 25 years has worked on projects funded by the World Bank and other international financial organizations, covering a number of areas for development, including reforms in in infrastructure and public utilities, private sector engagement in provision of services, innovative funding services, development of urban and rural areas and social protection in the Middle East and Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This event is aimed promoting local products and technologies to foreign markets. A panel discussion was organized within ATCP, where participants discussed the problems that start-up companies face related to commercialization and market entry.

In addition to startups the meeting was attended by invited by technology companies which shared their success stories of bringing products to international markets.

The event was organized by  Public Union "Alliance Technology Commercialization Professionals"

Technology Brokerage Event "Astana Technology Commercialization Point 2018" is a professional networking event for ventures for gathering all stakeholders of technology commercialization on one platform, including innovation companies, new technology developers, business representatives, investors and other stakeholders for building partnerships and cooperation, and experience-sharing.

Fostering Productive Innovation Project is a joint project of the Government of Kazakhstan represented by MoES and the World Bank aimed at stimulating a highly intellectual environment and commercialization of Kazakhstani R&Ds.

Call for applications under the 2nd round of Productive Sector Consortia Grant Program of Fostering Productive Innovation Project closed on August 6th 2018.

In total 22 applications were received in grant contest.

On PSC I grant, 8 applications were submitted for a total amount of 4,8 billion tenge, 10% of which is co-financing from business.

On PSC II, 14 applications were submitted for a total amount of 9,3 billion tenge, 42% of which is co-financing from business.

Applications will be sent to the International Science and Commercialization Board for review and evaluation.

Winners will be selected in September 2018.

According to Acting Chairman of Science Committee MoES Rakhimzhan Nurseitov: "The main purpose of this program is to bring science and business together for creation and implementation of new technologies to solve systemic problems of the industry. This program is designed to consortia consisting of industrial companies and research organizations. We look forward to a long-term effect on the economy of our country as from this Program and the Project on the whole".


In the framework of Productive Sector Consortia Grant Program there are two types of grant:

PSC I: Science-Industry Cooperative Center on the basis of scientific organization which is aimed at establishing a research center able to create applied R&D for the needs of production companies.

PSC II: Science-Industry Technology Consortium on the basis of production enterprise, which aims to create and implement innovations developed and implemented by scientific organizations.

For more information please contact PR Manager of the Project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel: +77172277123


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