youtube Recommendations on using the FPIP Portal


youtube Recommendations on using the FPIP Portal"


The Project Portal is an integrated electronic system for submitting applications for grant programs, which allows the ISCB members and PMU specialists to work with grant applications online, as well as to monitor projects, evaluate the progress of implementation and achievement of results.


Each participant of the Project: ISCB members, PMU consultants, grantees, consortium members and applicants for grants have their own user account, which allows to manage business processes and record the time of filing, as well as adjustments by PMU consultants and ISCB members.

The Portal provides automatic data capture and facilitates transparent work of the Project.

Since the Portal is a pilot mechanism to test new methods to manage innovation processes, by the end of the Project, it will be fully ready, and the structure and functions of the Portal will be finalized based on the experience of implementation.

In the future this mechanism will be used in the operations of the bodies responsible for commercialization of science and in distribution of state grants.

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