Бланки статистики за 2018 год

Загранпаспорт самара образец Innovation Brokerage to Generate Deal Flow would seek to catalyze a market for specialized business development services that are able to transform technology and innovation ideas into commercial projects acceptable for early stage venture capital or other investors. The key lesson from other countries that have attempted to introduce early stage funding pinpoints to the need for additional assistance that will facilitate the availability of “deal flow” i.e., investment ready projects. 

Госпошлина на исковые заявления The functions of the technological brokers would comprise, assessing the technological viability of the project; estimating the commercial potential of the innovation; generating, presenting and marketing new information about the project; and seeking for customers and investors.

Скачать программу для документов stdu viewer Services of such brokers will assist a technology developer in actualising the idea and entering commercial market. Technological brokers are expected to start their activity in the second half of 2016.