Скачать бланк расписания для начальной школы

November 27, 2017

The Science committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan under Fostering Productive Innovation Project announces the contest for selection of Technology Transfer/Commercialization Offices at the universities of the Republic Kazakhstan.

The contest documentation is available on the websites of the Science Committee MOES RK ( Как настроить интерактивные доски и проектора www.sc.edu.gov.kz) and the Project Management Unit of the Fostering Productive Innovation Project Бланки личного листка по учету кадров (www.fpip.kz). Consultations on clarification of the contest documentation and on preparation of applications may be obtained by telephone: Должностная инструкция работников доу новая 8(7172)74-24-85, 8 (778) 437-50-16, 8(701) 888-95-79.

Representatives of Operator responsible for consultations on the contest documentation and preparation of applications - Akshalova Asem, Utegulov Alan, Mambetov Karassay.

Applications can be submitted from November 27th 2017 to December 4th 2017 until 18:00 Astana time.

All applications must be sent in Russian or Kazakh in electronic format (PDF and Word-format) to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with mandatory submission on paper media to the SC MOES RK (in sealed envelopes) to the following address: Astana, 010000, Mangilik El Avenue, 8, Entrance 11, House of Ministries.

Manual for selection of technology transfer/commercialization offices download

Annex 1 to the Manual for Selection of TTO/TCO download

Annex 2 to the Manual for Selection of TTO/TCO download

Annex 3 to the Manual for Selection of TTO/TCO download

Annex C to the Manual for Selection of TTO/TCO download