International Science and Commercialization Board


Erik Azulay, United States

Commercialization Expert

Expert on technology commercialization and entrepreneur specializing in small business startups and international market strategies. Mr. Azulay has an experience as a Technology Analyst for numerous organizations as well as the experience in international projects in Hungary, Mexico, India, Chile, Korea, Portugal, Israel and Egypt.

Specialization Technology commercialization and international relations

Degree MS

Role in ISCB Technology Commercialization Expert



Thomas A. Сellucci, United States

Commercialization Expert

Mr Cellicci is a recognized expert in the field of practical commercialization of new and newest technologies in both private and public sectors (Senior Chief Commercialization Expert in the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government). Appointed as the Director of Research and Development in the Department of Internal Security of the United States. Founder of Cellucci Associates, Inc., a major marketing firm that focuses on business development and marketing plans around the world.

Specialization Commercialization of Technology

Degree MBA, PhD

Role in ISCB Technology Commercialization Expert



Chanbasha Basheer, India, Saudi Arabia

Scientist in petrochemicals

Visiting professor at Stanford University (USA), Member of the Board of Directors of American Chemical Society, Branch in Saudi Arabia. 1. Best Researcher Award - 2015, King Fahd University of Oil and Minerals, April 2015. 2. Best Researcher Award, Extraction Technologies 2007, Oslo. 3. Award Best Researcher-Analyst in Asia 2005, Taipei. At present the research interests are focused on the development of simple and reduced analytical methods combined with new nanomaterials, such as functional nanoparticles, nanorods, nanomembranes, nanodiamonds and biocompatible nanomaterials. Crude oil research using new analytical approaches, which include electro-membranes and electro-photocatalytic methods. Removal of trace amounts of water, sulphur, nitrogen and mercury from crude oil samples.

Specialization Petrochemicals and Nanotechnology

Degree Doctor

Role in ISCB Scientist


Emil Martin, United States

Scientist in Molecular Biology and Medicine

Dr. Martin received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Genetics at the Moscow State University, Russia in 1989 and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Molecular Genetics in SB of RAoS in 1993. Currently Dr. Martin is an Associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Range of experience includes commercializing the products of recombinant DNA technologies developed in their own laboratory. More than 20 years experience in development and conduct of independent research and research on innovative aspects of biomedical science.

Specialization Molecular Biology

Degree PhD

Role in ISCB Scientist



Majidi MEHDI, United States

Specialist on Social Inclusive Innovations

Expert of the Working Group in the Government of South Korea, Expert in China on Social inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises in health/economic development of high-level and middle-level managers for small and medium enterprises and start-ups. Chairman of the Department of International Business Administration (IBA), Director of the Programme on Cross-cultural and Sustainable Management in Business. Worked as an expert consultant for Coopers and Lybrand (C&L), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as Global Consulting and IBM Global Business Services, at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of Education (ed), Expert of the World Bank, Expert of TCC(Kazakhstan).

Specialization Expert of the Working Group on Social inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises in healthcare/economic development of high-level and middle-level managers for small and medium enterprises and start-ups.

Degree Doctor, Professor

Role in ISCB Expert on Inclusive sector consortia


Iskakov Ayup, Kazakhstan

Scientist-geneticist, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Director General of the North-Kazakhstan Research Institute for Animal husbandry and crop production;

Head of the Department of Plant Biotechnology, Deputy Rector of International Cooperation KazGosAgrU (1997-2001);

Vice-Chancellor for scientific work and international cooperation, Head of the Department of Agriculture North Kazakhstan State University (2001-2003);

Deputy President for Science and Education of the JSC NGO "Techno-Park "Progress" (2003-2004); Director General of the National Centre for Biotechnology of Kazakhstan (2004-2005);

2005-2011- Coordinator of Project underIBRD, Ministry of Agriculture of RoK. Author of more than 105 scientific publications.

Specialization Agronomy

Degree Doctor of Biological Sciences

Role in ISCB Scientist