Dear applicants,

Conservation and protection of the environment is one of the important and priority areas of the World Bank (hereinafter-the Bank) work.

The Bank requires environmental assessment for Sub-projects to help to ensure their environmental safety and sustainability. All Sub-projects should be assigned an environmental category in accordance with the procedures of the World Bank. In line with Environmental Management Framework (EMF) (download) under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project only Sub-projects with category "B" and "C" will be funded. Category "A" Sub-projects will not be funded.

Category "B" Sub-projects shall undergo an environmental assessment and prepare the Environmental Management Plan (hereinafter - EMP). The Sub-project Group (hereinafter- the Group) is responsible for conducting this procedure in accordance with the EMF requirements and environmental legislation, and for obtaining the necessary approval documents from relevant authorities.

Environmental assessment requires the Group to prepare the EMP describing the mechanisms to identify and assess possible environmental and social impacts of the Sub-project, as well as to establish measures for mitigation and monitoring of such impacts.

Depth of environmental assessment will depend on the type of work and an environmental category of a particular Sub-project. There are following types of EMPs:



№6816 Creation of small-scale production of heat-insulating low-emission coating applied to glass by mechanical means

№6247 Production and sale of early juvenile bee colonies

№6348 Recycling plastic waste into multifunctional mineral granular filler

№6747 Development and implementation of a customer-oriented integrated automated system for calculating and manufacturing transformers

№6774 Organization of production of a mounted single-bar mower

№5764 Development of integrated systems and intensive technology of feed production, feed preparation and feeding of beef cattle, taking into account the zonal features of Kazakhstan