15.03.2019 in Almaty, St. Pozharsky, 1 (Satpayev str. at corner of Baitursynov str., "Grand Aiser Hotel", 2nd floor, conference hall "Tole bi" a seminar was held on the topic: "Vacuum thermal insulation panels - an innovative solution for the market of Kazakhstan", dedicated to the opening of a new production line of promising and innovative product – "VACUUM THERMAL INSULATION PANEL". The seminar was organized by the LLP "SAVENEGRY" - a start-up company established in the framework of Fostering Productive Innovation Project supported by the World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The aim of the seminar is presentation of innovative vacuum insulation panels – products of LLP "SAVENERGY" within Fostering Productive Innovation Project, supported by the World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The seminar was attended by 60 people representing construction companies, design organizations, Akimat of Almaty, NCE "Atameken" in Almaty. Seminar organizers discussed the prospects of products, demonstrated product samples and its unique advantages, also a master class on the use of vacuum thermal insulation panels was held.

During the seminar: Director of LLP "SAVENERGY" Nurlybaev Ruslan and Project Manager Zholdasov Aidos, as well as General Manager of the commercialization office KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev Kattabekov Arslan who told about the history of panels, its qualities, advantages and production process.

Employees of the company conducted a visual demonstration of the quality of panels, in particular resistance to fire.


Director of LLP "CeLSIM" - Central Laboratory of certification tests of building materials, Estemesov Zatkali Ayranbayevich, shared the results of testing of vacuum insulation panels in his lab.

In conclusion, representatives of Kazakhstan Association of building materials industry, Advisor to the President, Technical Director Almabayev Satbek Dzhandilovich, JSC "Kazakh research and design Institute of construction and architecture", Alpysbayev Melik Nurmuhambetovich, Executive Director of the "Union of engineering companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan" noted timeliness and relevance of the production.

Also, Akhymbekov Abylai, Executive Director of the Alliance of professionals for commercialization of technology," spoke about the work of the Alliance in this project.

The seminar ended with a discussion and answers to questions.

All participants received certificates.

In the framework of the World Bank's Fostering Productive Innovation Project, the work has begun on creating a specialized search registry of research grant programs.

A workshop was held at the Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilyov in cooperation with Technology Commercialization Offices.

Registry of research grant programs was launched within the framework of the World Bank’s «Fostering Productive Innovation» Project. Nowadays, the global community is laying down its own conditions for development of science as well. Kazakhstan need to introduce the practice of attracting external funding to stimulate researches of scientific organizations and scientists themselves. This will accelerate the process of integration of Kazakhstani R&Ds into global innovation and scientific ecosystem and facilitate international reach for scientific developments.

A pilot version will be launched on the basis of website.

This tool will be subsequently expanded and transformed into a digital platform that will automatically collect data from open sources.

Technology Commercialization Offices at Universities is actively working on proper submission of applications to participate in international grant programs.

In future, on-site meetings are planned at universities in Kazakhstan as part of the promotion of this Registry.


For reference: Registry of research grant programs (hereinafter - Registry) is a list of international grants provided by various funds and institutions, and Kazakhstan's grants provided by non-governmental public organizations for entities involved in research and technical activities.

Establishing the capacity of existing Technology Transfer Offices at major Kazakh universities and enhancing their capacity through the provision of training within Component 3 - Technology Commercialization.

In December 2018, the Department of commercialization of business projects of Kazakh National Agrarian University was awarded a grant.

Currently, this project is underway.

The project will provide English language training for the university staff in priority areas of scientific and technological development. To determine the level of English language proficiency scientists have passed a special test.

The project aims to help our scientists to communicate with foreign scientists (exchange experience) on commercialization of innovation projects, improve their skills abroad, technology transfer and implement of start-up projects. To achieve these goals, the call was announced among English language training centers and LLP "iStudy" received the highest scores.

In this regard, LLP "iStudy" recently held a briefing with the teaching staff of the University. During the briefing "iStudy" LLP gave information about the teaching process (schedule, information about English teachers, manuals, methods, etc.).

According to the project, English lessons will be held according to the approved schedule.

The results of the joint project of the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank "Fostering Productive Innovation" for 2018 were summed up in Astana.

The Fostering Productive Innovation Project is implemented within the framework of the Agreement of the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank dated March 1, 2016, and is designed until 2020. The project includes five components. The main objective of the project is to create infrastructure and support high-quality, nationally relevant research for the country, as well as the effective use of global knowledge and practices to consolidate commercialization cycle, which will help to increase the innovative potential of our country.

Component "Innovation Base for Knowledge" provides grants for senior scientist and junior researcher groups.

As explained by Murat Sartbayev, Director of the Project Management Unit, 901 applications were received for this grant program. At the moment, 40 projects are under implementation, one project has been successfully completed.

"We demand from projects to create production and launch the first sales.  Seventeen projects out of 41 reached the first sales, the sales amount is over 200 million tenge. To date, nine license agreements have been signed, two of them have already received the first income in the amount of about 5 and 15 million tenge", - said Mr. Sartbayev.

According to him, today 18 applications have applied for a national patent, 4 for Eurasian patent, and an international PCT application has been applied.

The component "Innovation consortia" of the Fostering Productive Innovation Project works in two directions: Productive Sector Consortia and Inclusive Innovation Consortia. On productive sector consortia, three projects have been selected and implemented since 2017. At the same time, the average amount of co-financing from the business side was 48%. In 2018 three more projects were selected. The average amount of co-financing from business was 38%.

Implementation of inclusive innovation program began in October 2018.

"Inclusive innovations are any innovations that help to improve the quality of life of population and have a stable commercial potential. These innovations can be implemented in different areas, such as health, agriculture, education, etc. The call for applications ended on December 14, about 95 applications were received. Received applications are now being reviewed. In 2019 the International Commission will select the winners of this program," senior Manager of Component 2 Darkhan Seitkazin.

Also in 2017, within competitive selection, 10 technology commercialization offices (TCO) at universities were selected and received grants for training scientists and TCO staff in English, basics of commercialization, training in academic writing and search for international grants abroad.

On December 22 and 24, 2018, seminars on topics “Main areas of work in social networks and the Internet. Personal Brand” and “Communications of state and quasi-state projects” for employees of the Science Committee MES RK and Project Management Unit.

Seminars were conducted by invited trainers   Y. Fedorov and  A. Zhaldinov

First day of the seminar was dedicated to tools and techniques used in social networks and Internet to create and promote a personal brand, including application of new methods, discussion of examples of Internet official sites and pages in social networks of state organizations and personal pages.

On the second day, methods used in the construction of communications in state and quasi-state projects were described and demonstrated, in particular, mechanisms of work in building anti-crisis communications, legal framework of PR activities was analyzed in detail.

Upon completion, all participants received certificates of completion of the seminars.


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