The sub-project is working on setting up the production of 2 construction materials: gas-glass concrete and foam concrete, structural energy-saving materials that do not require additional reinforced insulation.

Gas-glass concrete and foam concrete is used in all areas of the construction industry, such as housing, industrial and agricultural construction, construction of schools, hospitals, administrative and public buildings.

Therefore, the product attracted interest of construction companies. On the basis of the exhibition, Eskolit LLP held meetings with companies Bi Group and Aldar EuroAsia LLP, where they discussed application of building materials - gas glass and foam concrete. The visitors also showed great interest in the new materials. Agreements have been reached and arrangements have been made for further cooperation.

Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan K.N. Shamshidinova visited the booth and got acquainted with products of "Escolit" LLP.

Visitors to the exhibition received extensive information about the advantages of the new building material:

  • Market value is 1.5–3 times lower than competitors;
  • Uses crushed man-made cullet instead of sand;
  • Improvement of the environment in industrialized regions,
  • reduction of morbidity;
  • Reduction of volumes of construction products imported from abroad with given physical,mechanical and technological properties.

During development of the project and its implementation, production of construction products in the amount of 5616 cubic meters per year will be organized, where up to 30 permanent jobs and technological lines under the order will be created.

On April 12, 2019, Almaty hosted the IT conference with the participation of the largest IT companies of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.  Sub-project "Machine vision based on an adaptable self-organizing neural network" took part in a significant IT-event.

Team of "Kazakhstan Innovation Technologies Company" LLP of the subproject "Machine vision on the basis of an adaptable self-organizing neural network" participated in a large-scale IT conference in Kazakhstan with over 20 representatives of the largest IT companies of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.   40 speakers from the largest IT companies of CIS made statements. Speakers covered such issues as machine learning, product analytics, product management, mobile development, testing, design, front-end, back-end.  Data Science and Data Analytics sections discussed the topics: Data harvest. How to sow, fertilize, collect and cook. Recipes of the best BigData dishes, multi-agent artificial intelligence systems, personalization of paid services with the help of DS and prediction of consumer behavior, Kaspi Data Factory – Big data for Big Fish, etc.

Within the framework of the event, prospects and technological aspects of products of Kazakhstan Innovation Technologies Company LLP were considered. Among the speakers, Ersat Dulat, machine learning enthusiast spoke about multiagent reinforcement learning, actively gaining popularity in the field of AI research, neural networks, reinforcement learning and game theory. Different algorithms of optimization and problem setting where agents can cooperate, compete and communicate were discussed. Also, the latest sensational models were the subject to review: Dota v5, The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge and AlphaStar.

The conference was attended by 600 people representing large companies, design organizations as Kolesa Group,, Nommi,, Aviata, Chocotravel, too Wooppay, DAR Ecosystem, EPAM Systems. Recognized gurus of their field - experts from Kolesa Group, - told participants about trends and developments.   Subproject of the grant program "Machine vision based on an adaptable self-organizing neural network" of the Fostering Productive Innovation Project showed itself and told about R&Ds.  Uvataev Duman (Chief Data Officer actively discussed cases involving computer vision and development of LLP "Kazakhstan Innovation Technologies Company". Participants of the Data Science vs. Data Analytics have shown interest in development of the subproject.    Thanks to this approach, the conference became a platform for dialogue between business and system of LLP "Kazakhstan Innovation Technologies Company".

From 7 to 12 April 2019, the Project Management Unit for Fostering Productive Innovation Project held a series of explanatory seminars for scientists of Kazakhstan in Shymkent, Turkestan, Almaty in the framework of Component 4 "Strengthening Coordination of the National Innovation System. Enhancing the capacity of the Existing Institutional Structures."

The purpose of these seminars is to stimulate submission of applications for international grant programs.

Today, the world community dictates its conditions for development of science, including in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to introduce the practice of attracting extra-budgetary funds (external financing/financing from abroad) to stimulate the research activities of scientific organizations and persons involved in development of science. This will accelerate the process of integration of Kazakhstan's research into global innovation and scientific ecosystem.  This contributes to conclusion of development at the international level.

The seminar program includes the following: instructions for use of the instrument for seeking research grants, submission of application. Basics of work with the registry of research grant programs (hereinafter - Registry) is a list of international grants provided by various funds and institutions, and Kazakhstan's grants provided by non-governmental public organizations for entities involved in research and technical activities. 

A pilot version was launched on the basis of website.

In future, it is planned to expand this tool and transform it into a digital platform that will automatically collect data from open sources of information.

As part of organizing these seminars, PMU visited SKSU named after M. Auezov, IKTU named after Yassavi, KazNU named after Al-Farabi, KazNPU named after Abay, Satpayev University, Turan University, KBTU, KazNAU.

Seminars were attended by scientists, Master's and doctoral students, as well as the teaching staff of universities.

On April 8, at the South Kazakhstan National University named after M. Auezov and the International Kazakh-Turkish University, specialists of PMU for the Fostering Productive Innovation Project held a seminar on clarifying the project tools, details on applying for PhD Research and Training Grant Program. PMU consultants answered questions of employees and scientists.  In general, the meeting discussed conditions of the grant program, what are the differences and advantages.

The main purpose of this grant program is to obtain competitive research on an international scale for further implementation in the "real" economic sectors of Kazakhstan. It should be noted that the goal is not to send to study abroad.    The challenge facing us is to get competitive research. Our program focuses on the research component.   Therefore, participants must be either doctoral students who have completed the 1st year of doctoral studies or researchers who have received a degree in the last 5 years in technical, medical and natural sciences.

This program is a pilot and is aimed at studying the demand for such grants and analyzing the quality of research of our young scientists. Round 1 of the grant program showed that the world's leading research centers in USA, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Holland, etc., included in the top-100 QSRankingbysubject (ranking of Universities worldwide by industry, this condition is a mandatory requirement of GP) are ready to accept our scientists.  

PhD Research and Training Grant Program allows to solve the problem of "brain drain" abroad and provides promising young researchers an opportunity to conduct qualitative research on the basis of the best research centers in the world, as well as contributes to establishment of new relationships with scientists from around the world. Within the framework of this program, a Kazakhstani scientist has the opportunity to conduct joint research with the best ones in their field and work under their leadership.

It is expected that scientists who have gained experience of joint research abroad, will subsequently significantly improve the quality of research conducted in Kazakhstan, as well as contribute to establishment of new scientific ties with global scientific community.

We need to get a "pool" of competitive research on an international scale for further implementation in the "real" sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan. One of the main requirements for our grantees is to develop a business plan or commercialization strategy that will help them to find an investor, receive funding from the state or go into business on their own.

In addition, the application procedure is simplified with a minimum package of documents, which is submitted electronically through the Portal. Selection is conducted by the Board of international experts in the field of innovation and science, who can objectively assess prospects of commercialization of applicants R&Ds. In international practice, commercialization of scientific research is usually understood as a share of profit from introduction of R&Ds in production or business, work on patenting and profit from the sale of licenses for these patents.  Commercialization of scientific research is of great importance today,  so are universities as places where new knowledge and innovations are created. The role of the state here is no less important, and many countries allocate a significant part of their budgets to support scientists.  Thus, a peculiarity of this program is that during the internship candidates are required to file for patenting (PCT) of the invention, which will allow in the future to find possible commercialization of the invention.

Regional conference "School of the 21st century: INNOVATIVE METHODS AND TRADITIONAL APPROACHES to management" was held on March 29, 2019, where the Head of the subproject of Grant Program for senior scientist and junior researcher groups "Unified information system for career guidance, analysis and forecasting the needs of professions" also participated. The conference was attended by employees of scientific research organizations and more than 50 directors and representatives of secondary schools of the East Kazakhstan region. The event was opened by the rector of S. Amanzholov EKSU, Tolegen M. A.

Subproject leader presented the method of psychodiagnosis of 5-11 grade students and the method of re-profiling of adult beneficiaries of the project.

Developed, tested methods of psychodiagnostics were integrated with the information system to provide interpretation and construction of personal development path of user in the form of a "Career compass".

As part of the event, results of the mathematical forecast for the demand for the labor market in the East Kazakhstan region were presented, which once again confirmed the importance of career guidance in order to attract attention to the profession of "Teacher" in the region. At the same time, there was a decrease in the trend of the labor market in professions related to agriculture.

In addition, functional information system of career guidance was presented career guidance and features of its work through the Internet.

Presentation aroused great interest on the part of teachers in order to conduct effective career guidance and use of digital tools in educational activities of schools of East Kazakhstan region. Of particular interest was the launch of the project "Find yourself" in Kazakhstan within the framework of the Year of Youth aimed at career guiding of young Kazakhstanis and help young citizens to find their vocation.


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