December 25, 2018

Press announcement

Venue: Hotel Ibis Astana,Tauelsizdik avenue, 38, hall “Praga”

Time: 11:00

Tomorrow, December 26, at 11:00, a press conference dedicated to summarizing the results of the year on implementation of the joint project of the Government of Kazakhstan and World Bank "Fostering Productive Innovation" will be held. The press conference will be attended by Director of Project Management Unit Murat Sartbayev and Vice-Director of PMU, Senior Manager of Component 1 Ilyas Ospanov, Senior manager of Component 2 Seitkazin Darkhan, Manager of Component 3 Mambetov Karassay.

Fostering Productive Innovation is implemented within the framework of the Agreement between the World Bank and the Republic of Kazakhstan, project implementation period is from 2016 to 2020.

The main objective of the project is to support high-quality, relevant research for the country, as well as the effective use of global knowledge and practices to consolidate commercialization cycle, which will help to increase the innovative potential of our country.

The project includes five components. As a result of two rounds of the Senior Scientist and Junior Researcher Grant Program (2016-2017), 40 sub-projects are implemented. To date, 17 projects have been able to earn more than 200 million tenge.

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