The launch of serial production of high-tech ear tags for identification of farm animals was organized. The production was launched under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project of the World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Productive Sector Consortia Grant Program (under Fostering Productive Innovation Project) is primarily aimed at facilitating cooperation and creating consortia between scientific organizations and enterprises of the productive sector to integrate technologies to respond to the industry's systemic challenges.

The Consortium has united "ZTOWN Development" LLP, a Kazakhstani manufacturer of veterinary products, "Research Innovation Center of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine" LLP and the Republican Chamber of Dairy Cattle Breeding. The launch will present a successful case of science and business integration.

What does this product give to target users?

- The software product centralizes all information about animals on a farm, optimizes diet, provide online remote access to necessary information to the state veterinary worker.

- It allows to synchronize the system of data transmission to the state database.

- The mobile version of the software product will allow the farmer to respond quickly to any situation in the farm.

- Scanning devices allow the farmer or veterinary worker to transmit in real time all actions undertaken on the animal.