On December 22 and 24, 2018, seminars on topics “Main areas of work in social networks and the Internet. Personal Brand” and “Communications of state and quasi-state projects” for employees of the Science Committee MES RK and Project Management Unit.

Seminars were conducted by invited trainers   Y. Fedorov and  A. Zhaldinov

First day of the seminar was dedicated to tools and techniques used in social networks and Internet to create and promote a personal brand, including application of new methods, discussion of examples of Internet official sites and pages in social networks of state organizations and personal pages.

On the second day, methods used in the construction of communications in state and quasi-state projects were described and demonstrated, in particular, mechanisms of work in building anti-crisis communications, legal framework of PR activities was analyzed in detail.

Upon completion, all participants received certificates of completion of the seminars.

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