The sub-project is working on setting up the production of 2 construction materials: gas-glass concrete and foam concrete, structural energy-saving materials that do not require additional reinforced insulation.

Gas-glass concrete and foam concrete is used in all areas of the construction industry, such as housing, industrial and agricultural construction, construction of schools, hospitals, administrative and public buildings.

Therefore, the product attracted interest of construction companies. On the basis of the exhibition, Eskolit LLP held meetings with companies Bi Group and Aldar EuroAsia LLP, where they discussed application of building materials - gas glass and foam concrete. The visitors also showed great interest in the new materials. Agreements have been reached and arrangements have been made for further cooperation.

Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan K.N. Shamshidinova visited the booth and got acquainted with products of "Escolit" LLP.

Visitors to the exhibition received extensive information about the advantages of the new building material:

  • Market value is 1.5–3 times lower than competitors;
  • Uses crushed man-made cullet instead of sand;
  • Improvement of the environment in industrialized regions,
  • reduction of morbidity;
  • Reduction of volumes of construction products imported from abroad with given physical,mechanical and technological properties.

During development of the project and its implementation, production of construction products in the amount of 5616 cubic meters per year will be organized, where up to 30 permanent jobs and technological lines under the order will be created.

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