April 22-26th 2019, a working trip was organized to Moscow to exchange experience with existing Venture funds (hereinafter - VF) operating in the Russian market and attract potential co-investors and the management company.

The main objective of these meetings and negotiations is to study the experience of creating and maintaining venture funds in the Russian and CIS markets, also to establish links for further partnership relations.

During the talks and meetings, the following issues were discussed regarding the VF establishment: VF structuring model, basic requirements for creation of VF including mandate and fund size, investment geography, remuneration of the General partner, amount of investments in projects, technology focus, investment strategy and optimal investment policy. The meeting also discussed problems and solutions in structuring the Fund in CIS jurisdictions and special jurisdictions where English law is applied.

The meetings were attended by representatives of both private VF and public funds of Russia such as: RVC, RFDI, PRYTEK, Cabra.vc, Far East High Technology Fund, VTB Capital, Skolkovo, Internet Initiatives Development Fund, EG Capital, I2BF, Almaz Capital, Linn Grove Ventures and Leta Capital.

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