05 July 2017 year


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project would like to congratulate the winners of the SSG/JRG Grant Program.

Note: The projects selected by the International Science and Commercialization Board (hereinafter - ISCB) have undergone an ecological categorization procedure under the Environmental Management Framework developed in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the World Bank.

For category "C" - no integrated environmental assessment is required.

For category "B-" -  an actual Environmental Management Plan together with all licenses and Material Safety Data Sheet. In addition, Annex No. 6 to the Grant Agreement must be completed.

For category "B+" - projects can be funded if positive Environmental Impact Assessment conclusion of the authority body is provided, or if they have short term environmental impacts (EIA report and/or EMPs required).

Besides EIA materials the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) shall be developed. Grantee’s responsibilities include organization and financing the development of the EIA materials and/or EMP. The deadline for submission of the EIA report is November 1st 2017.

For category "C", to execute the Grant Agreement please submit the following documents until July 17th 2017:

1) Certificate on the state registration of the new legal entity;

2) Notarized copies of the constituent instrument (Contract) or Charter;

3) Original bank statement on availability of the account to accumulate grant funds (grant account);

4) Original bank statement on availability of the account to accumulate co-financing funds (co-financing account).

This statement should include information on the co-financing funds in the amount as specified in the preliminary/full application; co-financing funds must be provided prior to signing of Grant Agreement, unless otherwise indicated in an application. If co-financing is provided by the business partner, a notarized copy of the contract or other document confirming the amount and terms of co-financing in accordance with the payment schedule shall be provided;

5) A notarized copy of the contract or documents confirming the cooperation of a Grantee with the Customer of technology (if any was specified in an application);

6) Draft Grant Agreement (download).


List of winners selected under the SSG/JRG Grant Program

Application number Full name of applicant Environmental category
1 APP-SSG-17/0280F Kaltayev A. Zh. B-
2 APP-JRG-17/0332F Karabekov D. A. B-
3 APP-SSG- 17/0236P Abugaliyev K. R. B-
4 APP-JRG-17/0111F Myrzakhanov M. M. B-
5 APP-SSG- 17/0057P Mukatova I.Yu. B-
6 APP-SSG-17/0173F Yerenova B. Ye. B-
7 APP-JRG-17/0293F Zhakupov Y. Zh. B+
8 APP-SSG-17/0071F Kenzhin B. M. B+
9 APP-SSG-17/0334F Karimov B. K. B+
10 APP-JRG-17/0393F Orazbekuly E.O. B+
11 APP-JRG-17/0141F Fomenko M. V. B+
12 APP-SSG-17/0290F Aringazin K.Sh. B+
13 APP-SSG-17/0206F Vernigor A.V. B+
14 APP-SSG-17/0319F Utelbayev B. T. B+
15 APP-SSG-17/0422F Kenbeilova S. Zh. B+
16 APP-SSG-17/0044F Donenov B. K. B+
17 APP-JRG-17/0160F Zakiruly O. B+
18 APP-SSG-17/0028F Lyssenko V. S. B+
19 APP-JRG-17/0448F Assilbekov B. K. C
20 APP-SSG- 17/0323P Gabdreshov G. E. C
21 APP-JRG-17/0292F Kozhagulov Ye. T. C


Contact number: 8 (7172) 23-90-64, 8 (7172) 23-90-66.

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