September 12, 2018


The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project would like to congratulate the winners within the Productive Sector Consortia Grant Program.

List of the winners within PSC II Grant Program


Application’s #

Contact person

Grant type

Environmental category



Saukhimov Almaz


For the directions: 1-«С», 2- «С»



Rakhnymetkaliyev Kakimzhan





Sanmurzina Zinigul



* with conditions


To execute the Grant Agreement please submit the following documents until September 20, 2018:

  1. certificate of state registration of legal entity;
  2. a notarized copy of the incorporation document (agreement) and/or charter of the consortium participants;
  3. confirmation from the tax authority about the absence of delayed tax arrears and other delayed mandatory payments that last more than three (3) months preceding the issue of the tax authority certificate;
  4. confirmation from the servicing second-tier bank on the absence of debt or due payments, issued by the bank for all outstanding obligations that last more than three (3) months preceding the issue of the bank certificate;
  5. a letter of assurance from the Prime Applicant about the absence of arrears to the second-tier banks and other financial institutions;
  6. certification of proposed participants’ actual annual salary for the last year, including appropriate documentation from the employer and a pension fund certificate;
  7. original or a notarized copy of a signed Consortium Agreement between the Consortium participants;
  8. confirmation from the bank on the contribution of co-financing funds to the dedicated account established for this purpose or letter of intent of the Prime Grantee;
  9. confirmation of incomes of the Prime Grantee (original or a notarized copy);
  10. certificate of accreditation as a subject of scientific and scientific and technical activities;
  11. letter of assurance of all consortium members stating that sub-projects have not previously been financed, are not plagiarism, that all given information is true, that they are aware of the consequences stipulated by the legislation of RK.
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