In the framework of Fostering Productive Innovation Project the grant competition under Productive Sector Consortia Grant Program has started.

Goal of this Program is establishment of consortia between research organizations and enterprises of the manufacturing sector to implement technologies that solve systemic problems of the industry.

Maximum grant size will amount to 650 million tenge. Selection of projects will be made by International Science and Commercialization Board that consists of experts from different countries of the world.

According to the requirements, a consortium:

  1. should consist of scientific organizations (Universities, research institutes, etc.) and business representatives from productive sectors of the economy;
  2. should not exceed three years in implementation period;
  3. comply with ecological requirements;
  4. comply with fields of financing. For example, projects funded under other programs for technology commercialization will be rejected. In addition, the following activities are ineligible for funding: manufacturing and storing weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, pesticides, in short, any projects which are likely to cause serious or long-term harm to human health or the environment.

In line with requirements of the grant competition, all applications must be submitted in English, Kazakh and/or Russian in electronic form through the Portal:

Fostering Productive Innovation Project is a joint project of the Government of Kazakhstan represented by the Ministry of Education and Science RK and World Bank, aimed at increasing the economic potential of Kazakhstan through forming a highly intellectual environment and technology transfer with innovative component.

For matters related to organizing an interview and additional information please contact PR Manager of the Project: +7 777 0344293, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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