At the round-table meeting in the Senate of the Parliament RK members of both chambers reviewed the effectiveness of the current legislation about science on commercialization of results of scientific and scientific-technical activities of Kazakh scientists.

Vice-Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov in his speech reported on the work done in this area. According to Askhat Aymagambetov: "In the framework of commercialization grant projects in 2016 over 712 million tenge of private investments were attracted, the share of co-financing was 8%, and this year the amount of equity investment from the private sector increased 3 times and amounted to more than 2.5 billion tenge, and the share of co-financing from the private sector for implementation and commercialization of results of scientific and technological activities amounted to 13%".

Vice-Minister noted that the MoES RK sees the need for further development and commercialization of scientific developments of scientists of Kazakhstan. Also, according to Vice-minister, it is necessary to solve a number of issues affecting the pace of implementation of innovations to industry and development of scientific sector as a whole. In particular, the tax system should be revised for those enterprises that introduce the R&Ds of Kazakh science into industry.

Similar strategy proved high efficiency in developed countries, and the potential of innovations in Kazakhstanis definitelu high.

MPs and experts actively participated in discussions on the prospects of development of science by asking Mr. Aimagambetov a number of strategic and practical questions.

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